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Thanks for a place to vent! If I have any appliance delivered to my house. I make my own arangments to move it and I do the install …any problems that my come up are my own. Keep in mind appliances are becoming more and more complicated just like cars and other products.

Big box stores sell appliances, toilets, flowers, carpet, paint, furniture and so on. Appliances are simply another product they use as a profit tool. Big box stores generally use third parties to delivery and install anything they sell. Then we come to service and repair.

923 Home Depot Appliances Consumer Reviews and Complaints

At least in our area many of the foreign brands are tough to find someone who is authorized to repair them and even if you do the wait for parts could be a long time. The morale of the story is ask lots of questions like, who services this product? Are you installer qualified? What add-ons am I required to buy in order to get this unit installed and totally operational. Same problem, with the same delivery company. This time it involve a refrigerator. First one they brought the delivery guys saId they could not remove the doors bring the fridge into the house.

So we had to settle for a smaller fridge that would fit through the door. The storage space in this fridge is totally in adequate for our family needs. Call Home Depot in Watchung to make the switch. They were totally friendly and upfront with this, however when the delivery company brought The original fridge back one guy walk in the house, refused to take the other refrigerator back. At this point, he just got back into his truck and drove away. When I went out to find out why they were leaving they almost ran me over with their truck and nearly backed into a car that was parked in front of the house.

Final outcome, when we called Home Depot in Watchung they had the company deliver it to their store, they then sent their own installation crew to switch the refrigerators. Store manager and customer service rep in the Watchung Home Depot were very helpful and friendly throughout this ordeal.

However, they do continue to use the same delivery coming. Another nightmare problem with Home Depot delivery service. Delivery day finally arrived but no delivery, no calls explaining why. This damage more than likely happened in the warehouse so why should manufacturer take it back?

Refrigerator delivery Home Depot

So why do I have to wait for them to send mine back for replacement. Waiting now for next call from shipper to see when my new appliances will arrive.

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Our last appliance delivery was a refrigerator we purchased from Best Buy. They were on time, and gone in a few minutes — with the old refrigerator. A lot of refrigerators have the option of the door being right-handed or left-handed. Because you requested he come out same day? Had you been patient it sounds like it would have cost a fraction of the price. I made the mistake of accepting the delivery…wrong move.

Called delivery company to a very rude answering service who refused to help us.

Home Depot Appliance Delivery & Installation - Overview

No service was ever provided!!! Heather, that sounds like a carbon copy of my experience! Good advice on testing the shutoff first. Guess who is not getting our business. Circus clowns as described above is very accurate. Finally cancelled Home Depot order based on delivery service alone.

Went to Beat Buy Thursday night.

Got a better price and they will deliver on Monday. Yep, we had an electric stove delivered and installed all this stuff is drop shipped from the same wearhouse, apparently. Home depot said we needed to contact GE about it. Ha, ha, ha… NOT! The service at Home Depot has always been good. The Downsides These same salespeople can sometimes be a nuisance if you're just browsing and comparing appliances and don't have a lot of questions.

Many people like the freedom of comparison shopping on their own without being hounded by salespeople.

Who Sears Works Best For People who are loyal to the Kenmore brand, who like smaller, more intimate stores and would like a lot of customer service assistance. Before you buy an appliance at Sears: Read our tips and tricks to save money at Sears , including the latest coupon and promo codes. Why pay full price at Sears when you don't have to? Costco, Best Buy, and Pacific Sales which has its own brick and mortar stores and is now also the appliance showcase inside Best Buy are good alternatives. Costco has a very small selection of appliances in its warehouse, and the amount it offers varies, but the prices and return policy are outstanding.

Best Buy also offers interest-free credit cards for up to 12 months. Pacific Sales brick-and-mortar has a huge, unmatched selection, excellent prices and very knowledgeable salespeople. While pricing at all three retailers is relatively comparable, consumers are still going to have different experiences with installation, delivery, and salespeople. From our research and comparisons, you probably can't go wrong with any of these major retailers.

If you're loyal to a particular store, stick with it. If you're open to more than one, find the appliance you want, check the prices at other retailers, inquire about additional costs delivery, installation and extended warranty , and go with that. Cynthia Cohen is a retail analyst at CreditDonkey, a credit card comparison and reviews website. Write to Cynthia Cohen at cynthia creditdonkey.

Opinions expressed here are author's alone. Please support CreditDonkey on our mission to help you make savvy decisions. Our free online service is made possible through financial relationships with some of the products and services mentioned on this site. We may receive compensation if you shop through links in our content. I have to strongly disagree with Home Depot having the best prices. Home Depot does not meet and beat on their appliances, they only meet.

Their appliances are all special order items and therefore do not apply the beat but they will meet prices. Lowes meets and beats, so all you have to do is take a quote from Home Depot to Lowes and you will get the best price.

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Lowes also still honors military discounts and coupons on top of their sale prices, Home Depot does not because they cannot "double dip". I have worked for Home Depot for 8 years and I purchase my appliances at Lowes so I can save money and because I get no employee discount to keep me loyal. Also I have to add that our delivery service, which is handled by a third party, is terrible.

They damage items on a regular basis and are dishonest about taking responsibility when something goes wrong. I need to add one more thing that is incorrect in your "study". It is not free anymore. They changed that about a year ago.

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