Shirtless photos on dating sites

Think carefully before you include one. But the real reasons that I think shirtless photos are for the following reasons. Trackback from your site.

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Customer Login Photographer Login. Men without shirts in dating photos? I met a guy online once that struck me as a total douchebag, actually had multiple bathroom selfies in his profile I almost didn't repsond to him, but he had a really good opening message, so I answered him back and we ended up having a really decent conversation. If circumstances had favoured it, I probably would have met up with him IRL.

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It doesn't matter what women in general want or what women on this sub want. What matters is what type of partner you want to attract. Do you want a partner who is wowed by a shirtless pic? Some people like that. Or do you want a person who is attracted by deeper, more brain- or heart-oriented things? You only need to find that one person or few people, if you so choose who espouses the values that you want in a partner. Who cares if 87 people find you attractive, if they aren't the type of people you value? Unless you're at the beach, or in a sports photo, I really see no need for shirtless pictures. Also, no shirtless selfies. It read that they didn't have enough interesting, intelligent things to say, and they had to rely on getting attention through their body. Now, if it's a group of guys at the beach, or a BBQ, and shirtless happens, that's one thing. Is doing an activity that requires shirtlessness? Does it look like he's doing that activity solely because it requires shirtlesness?

I like sports and being active but I do it for health and for fun. I'm looking for someone who seems similar. So while I have no problem with guys who are a little "chubby" I'm not going to date some body who doesn't make fitness part of their lives.

And while being buff is great, I'm not going to date someone who's abs are all for show and isn't interested in getting outside and having fun, or who obsesses over their diet. So if it's a guy and some friends kayaking or swimming. Just a guy in his bathroom pulling up his shirt? Unfortunately a male or female body that is anything other than average usually comes at the cost of a very dedicated diet. IMO, nutrition is more important than activity in achieving any sort of aesthetic result.

I don't think you have to be strict about your diet so much as just tend towards healthy foods. My current partner just eats plenty of fruits and veggies, doesn't of got overboard with fried food or meat, and drinks plenty of water. Every so often he'll have a soda, ice cream, fried food ect. He probably have 3 or 4 beers a week. He don't count calories or restrict or selves from anything. For exercise he bikes and skateboards a few times every week. I personally disagree that nutrition is more important than activity.

I think you have to have an overall healthy lifestyle. He won't look like that when he's older and his metabolism slows down. Then the strict diet becomes essential. Being younger allows you to cheat on the diet more. I guess it all depends on what you're aspiring to.

I personally don't think a six pack is worth it. I know older people who are in what I consider to be fine shape that aren't on strict diets. They aren't tipped they just look like normal, active people. I currently do some form of strenuous physical activity for at least an hour every day but I haven't been eating as healthy as I used to lately and the effects of this are definitely apparent on my body. Of course, I'm female so abs are gonna be harder to come by, but even the definition in my legs has changed a lot from just 3 weeks of not eating right.

Of course everyone should work out but if your diet sucks then you've still got health problems to worry about. I think it's even more important to be careful about it because there is still much disagreement over what seems like basic knowledge so it's important to be aware of what you ingest is doing for your body. I never said you can just eat garbage all the time and be fine or that nutrition wasn't important. I just think that physical activity and nutrition need to go hand and hand.

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If you eat well and never exercise you're still not going to look or feel great. You're not going to have 'definition' if you're not working you muscles. I agree that people should be aware what goes into their bodies but I don't think that means they have to be on a strict diet. Everything in moderation with an emphasis on whole, healthy foods. You have to count calories or cut anything out entirely. Shirtless pics do usually make me pass over a guy's profile because it would make me think he is self-absorbed and probably looking for casual sex, and I ain't got time for that.

Depends on what I am looking for.

Guys: Do you post shirtless pictures on dating sites?

The shirtless mirror pic tells people that you made it specifically for your okcupid profile. You're Are there any dating sites where men have the advantage?. Their dating app profiles and Instagram feeds are essentially ads for their If they include a ripped shirtless photo, that makes me less likely to.

If I'm cruising for booty, it doesn't matter. If I were looking to find someone to date, I wouldn't really be into it unless it was like, a photo of you on the beach and it was a shirtless appropriate occasion. It also influences the type of woman you want to attract. If you want someone who is really, deeply into your physique, then post the abs. If you want someone who is more interested and focused on you as a person, you'll get less volume but you'll get the girls you're looking for eventually. I would have more provocative photos when I was looking for sex or free dinners and I got guys all over the place.

But when I had a more "me" profile, I got a lot less activity but the activity was of better quality. Eh, I was poor and hot and it helped me make it through a few really rough times without totally killing my credit. I'd take home leftovers and could eat something that wasn't rice and beans for a few days in exchange for making small talk and the occasional makeout with a stranger.

I never ordered anything super expensive, just something that would keep and reheat well.

Guys: Do you post shirtless pictures on dating sites? - Forums

I also never led anyone on--I agreed to go on a date, if I enjoyed myself, I'd go on another one but my main motivation was not to get laid or find my One True Love--it was to have some food and talk to someone. When I was dating for food, I also took care to be honest about not wanting to go on another date the first time they asked. Even thinking about leading someone on in that situation just made me feel really awful.

It's not the thing that makes me most proud but it is what it is and I did my best not to hurt anyone beyond declining a date that I didn't want to go on, which I would have done regardless of my situation.

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Want to add to the discussion? Every time I find a new sub I like it gets boarded by pirates. But one shirtless shot is more than enough. I like natural sexiness. Probably very similar to women who post breast pics.


Guess I'm more shallow then the majority of women here, but I like fit men. I like fit women Shirtless on the beach or something: Preferably taken by someone else. The message it sends to me is "I'm shallow and I'm just looking to hook up". Is it a shirtless selfie in the bathroom mirror? Is it the main or only pic? Douchey Is it just one of many? He'll get a pass It also completely depends on what I'm looking for. Are you on a beach with friends? If I was looking for a hookup it might not matter. I was looking for long-term so If it was obviously taken in a gym locker room it's cringe-worthy.

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But yeah, it's definitely not a plus. Were any of the people in your inbox people you would want to date? Unless its actually a decent picture, which is rare. A clusterfuck of them?

I admit it's toolish but it's getting me laid so The only "dating" site I consider would be facebook call it what you want but everyone creeps on pics. I had one at the beach with me shirtless wearing a beer helmet, but that's it. I wouldn't take off my polo and lean against the china cabinet for a photoshoot. Originally Posted by Handsome Maxout. Depends I guess Looking for a relationship, probably no. Looking for someone to smash, then yes. BTW by shirtless do you mean in front of a mirror, or a public place pool or beach etc.

Originally Posted by wampa. Milfs love it Srs. Yes, worked extremely well. I met my current girlfriend online and I had a shirtless pic. I'm kind of surprised how wel ikt worked, tons of girls messaged me. A lot thought I was too good for them and they were 7 and 8's. I post shirtless pics anywhere I can I'm an attention whore in that regard. Back on that injury recovery time: Weak and soft because no lifting.

Not happy about it but I am trying to make changes back into the lifestyle.