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All of the holes were hand drilled and were finished in a black crinkle coating with a bright florescent silk-screened logo. Only twelve of these pedal were built, one prototype and eleven production models.

danardono.com.or.id/libraries/2020-07-15/bose-mobile-phone.php To give the RAT a unique look, a custom 20 gauge wrap-around enclosure was designed. The white RAT logo was silk-screened on black, painted metal.

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The Tone control increased high frequencies when it was turned clockwise, the opposite of later models. The Filter cuts high frequencies as it is turned clockwise.

While the circuit remained the same, the enclosure evolved into a more compact version, with a gauge U-shaped base. The Pro Co logo sat next to the RAT logo on the pedal top, silk-screened in black inside of a white box. In , the logo was reversed to white on the black, painted metal.

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Distortion is your gain, Filter is a tone-shaping tool, and volume is pretty much self-explanatory. Jan 11, I came across an old proco rat pedal. Join the HC Newsletter. Jan 8, 2. The only difference is that the distortion produced will be a lot more saturated than usual. That is exactly what Turbo RAT offers.

The basic RAT has changed in appearance over the years, but its tone has remained largely the same. The Pro Co RAT became very popular in the early s, thanks in part to fame gained by its use by several artists. Burnham decided he could build a superior product from the ground up, and designed "The RAT" pedal. In , "The RAT" was being built as a custom-order product.

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You can't date a rat by its serial number. You'll have to open up the pedal and check the pot dates. There are 6 numbers and the middle two will. Also, since there is no accurate way of dating a RAT pedal by its serial number alone, this timeline can help you determine the Turbo RAT present.

Each pedal was built in a standard project box, hand painted, and hand drilled. In , Pro Co began mass-producing them.

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In , Pro Co switched to a smaller, U-shaped enclosure. Other models of RAT products include: The Pro Co "The RAT" is a distortion pedal with a quite simple circuit, which can be broken down into four simpler blocks: The distortion is produced using a variable gain circuit with diodes shorting the output to ground at a certain voltage level to produce hard clipping of the input waveform. The general design is very similar to the Boss DS-1 distortion pedal.

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A major difference is the opamp used the LM Known for its poor slew rate , it largely accounts for the sonic difference between the two pedals.